Frequently asked Questions

1. Is it possible to book one-way tickets only?
Yes, for this you need to mark the item "One way" in the search window. For a round-trip flight, simply leave this item unchanged.

2. What is the geography of the proposed flights?
The search engine allows you to book tickets between any operating airports around the world.

3. Why does the search not find the air carrier I need?
Almost all significant international air carriers are searchable. The exception is charter flights, flights operated by some low-cost carriers, as well as carriers that do not have a representative office in certain countries.

4. What is the function of the +/- 1 day item?
Our system allows you to find tickets one day earlier or later using special buttons in the search results. In some cases, the flight may be cheaper.

5. What do the items "Adults", "Children", "Infants" mean?
To correctly display the price and information about passengers in the search results, you must enter data on the age of each of them. "Adults" are all passengers who have reached the age of 12, "Children" - passengers from 2 to 11 years old inclusive, "Infants" - under 2 years old. One-time search is carried out for no more than eight passengers. Online bookings are not available for Children and Infants categories. "Infants" travel without a seat in the arms of an "Adult" passenger (in the ratio of one "Adult" - one "Infant"). Contact AlexAvia specialists at the phone numbers listed on the website for more detailed information. Depending on the pricing policy of a particular air carrier, discounts and special fares may be provided for passengers in the categories "Children" and "Infants".Contact our support service and we will give you full information about the flight you have chosen.

6. Is it possible to purchase tickets for "Children" unaccompanied?
Yes it is possible. However, in order to organize the safest and most comfortable flight for a passenger of this age category, AlexAvia does not provide the possibility of booking such tickets through an online search. Purchase of tickets for unaccompanied "Children" is carried out by phone and includes some additional conditions. Usually, an unaccompanied flight (including with transfers) is possible for children from 5 years old. Exceptions are some flights in which the air carrier is not able to provide an accompanying employee to a minor passenger. Provision by an air carrier of an employee accompanying a child may be paid. For the flight of children under 5 years old, the presence of an accompanying passenger is required, usually not younger than 15 years old. A common practice is the requirement to provide information about persons seeing off and meeting children at airports (passport or other document data). The rules for this type of travel vary depending on the air service provider. More precise information about the rules of carriage can be obtained directly from the air carrier. Do not purchase tickets for unaccompanied minors before receiving confirmation from the airline that such a flight is possible.

7. Are there special rates for children?
Yes, often tickets for children are purchased at better prices than for adults. For more accurate information, you need to familiarize yourself with the pricing policy of a particular airline.

8. How are Business Class seats different from others?
Depending on the particular air carrier, the name and content of the services corresponding to each category of seats may be different. In general, the most sought-after and least expensive Economy Class tickets have a variety of restrictions regarding ticket refunds and exchanges. If such a ticket is not used or returned, the buyer is compensated for only a part of the money spent, and in some cases no compensation is provided at all. Business Class passengers have numerous perks and benefits to make their journey more comfortable and flexible. So, they have more opportunities to return a ticket or change departure dates, the ability to check in and check in luggage out of turn, their seats are in a more accessible part of the cabin and are distinguished by an increased level of comfort, and during the flight they are provided with more varied and high-quality meals. Air tickets of this class are significantly different in price from Economy class tickets. First Class passengers generally have access to an even higher level of service than Business Class passengers. For their convenience, special lounges are provided at airports, and on board the aircraft - the maximum level of seat comfort and quality of food. First Class tickets are even more expensive and not all airlines provide this exclusive service./spoiler}

9. How long before departure can I buy a ticket using the online booking system? opened=0}
Through our website you can purchase tickets for a plane departing no earlier than 4 hours after the end of the booking process. Call us on the phone to purchase your ticket less than 4 hours before departure.

10. How long does it take to pay for a ticket after booking it?
To book a ticket, you must pay for it. The calculation of the provided time is made automatically and displayed on the user's screen at the end of the reservation process. There are special payment programs for corporate clients. For more information, please contact our managers.

11. What payment methods does the AlexAvia website offer?
Payment for the booking can be made by online bank card, by card or in cash at the company's office, as well as by bank transfer.

12. Plastic cards of which payment systems can be used when booking?
The booking system allows you to pay for air tickets using any payment systems. During the registration process, the system prompts the user to select the payment system that suits him and enter the data of the corresponding plastic card, which are processed and transmitted using encryption and using maximum information security measures.

13. Is there any booking confirmation?
Yes, by entering all the required data and agreeing to all the conditions, the user can see on the screen of his computer a confirmation of a successful booking with all its details. Similar information is sent to the user's e-mail address (officially, the delivery time of an e-mail does not exceed 24 hours, in practice the message is generated and delivered much faster). In the case of a fully paid booking, an e-ticket will also be delivered to the email address.

14. Why didn't I receive a booking confirmation email?
Your mail settings may have redirected the confirmation email to your junk mail ("Spam") folder. If you do not find a confirmation letter in your mail, please contact our staff at the following numbers: +420 774 813 836

15. How do I correct erroneous details on my booking confirmation?
If you find an error, please contact our staff by phone. Remember that the responsibility for the transfer of incorrect data about the client lies with the client. Inattentive filling of the booking forms may result in the cancellation of the purchased ticket without a refund of the money spent.

16. Where can I find the reservation number of the paid ticket?
If the reservation number has not been saved, the client can contact our staff to restore it. In this case, it will be necessary to provide AlexAvia employees with the information entered by the client when making the relevant reservation, such as the name and email address of the client.

17. How do I know if the departure time has changed?
AlexAvia and our partners notify the client of any change in the route or time of departure of the aircraft (including due to weather or political conditions, strikes or other force majeure circumstances). However, there may be reasons (for example, filter settings in the client's email) that may prevent such advanced notification. In this regard, AlexAvia advises customers to independently check the relevant information using online services, as well as directly contacting the airline operating the flight or airport representatives.

18. Can tickets for a particular flight run out during the booking process?
Yes, if before the end of the booking the client sold all tickets of this category, or if the sale of tickets for flights of any airline was suspended for technical reasons. At the same time, the situation is not ruled out when the search engine continues to find and offer users tickets, the sale of which has already been suspended. In this case, users of the online booking system are advised to repeat the search after a while or call our operators by phone.

19. Can I pay for a ticket with a plastic card that does not belong to the passenger? opened=0}
Yes, but at the same time, the cardholder must perform some additional formal actions, namely: send AlexAvia (hidden) copies of his passport and the card used, as well as written permission from AlexAvia to withdraw funds from this card in the amount corresponding to the cost of the ticket.

20. Can AlexAvia request information from the customer after the booking is completed?
In practice, such requests are extremely rare. However, AlexAvia reserves the right to contact the client for additional data and copies of documents in the event that the booking system evaluates the transaction as unreliable, if there are differences in the spelling of the names of the cardholder and the passenger, as well as in some other cases. After the end of the contractual relationship between the client, the carrier and AlexAvia, personal information of this kind is deleted.

21. Are there special rates for military personnel and sailors?
No, air carriers do not provide discounts for these categories of users.

22. Can I change or refund a paid ticket? opened=0}
It is possible, however, in most cases, when exchanging or refunding a ticket, the airline withholds a certain amount (sometimes quite significant) as a fine according to the rules of this company. The refund or change service fee charged by AlexAvia depends on the booking conditions chosen by the customer. To start the procedure for the exchange or return of an air ticket, you must come to the office of AlexAvia.

23. Can I change or refund a paid ticket?
It is possible, however, in most cases, when exchanging or refunding a ticket, the airline withholds a certain amount (sometimes quite significant) as a fine according to the rules of this company. The refund or change service fee charged by AlexAvia depends on the booking conditions chosen by the customer. To start the procedure for the exchange or return of an air ticket, you must come to the office of AlexAvia.

24. Can I change the date of departure of an already purchased ticket?
Such an opportunity may take place in the rules for making changes to tickets of the respective airline (the client has the opportunity to familiarize himself with these rules both before and after the end of the booking). To initiate an exchange, the client needs to fill out a special form on the AlexAvia website (

25. Can I change my ticket while abroad?
To obtain accurate information, you must contact the official representative office of the relevant air carrier in the host country.

26. What rights and opportunities are provided to the passenger in case of flight changes?
Information about changes in the date or time of departure, airport of departure or arrival, and similar modifications must be communicated to the customer in advance by the airline directly or through our company. In case of significant changes affecting the course of travel, the airline may provide the passenger with alternative flight options or compensation. International standards stipulate the cases in which a passenger can claim such compensation. In most cases, the client is notified of minor changes in the route in advance by e-mail or phone.

27. How can I change the name of a passenger on an already issued ticket?
Air tickets are issued individually and cannot be used by another person. In connection with this rule, entering a new name into an already issued ticket is strictly prohibited. The spelling of the passenger's name on the ticket must match the spelling on the identification document on which the passenger is traveling.

28. Where can I get a ticket issued on the website?
Upon completion of the booking and payment for the air ticket, the client receives an e-mail, the address of which he specified, a letter that contains the air ticket in its electronic form. Presentation of this ticket, together with the required identification documents, allows check-in for the relevant flight.

29. When can I get a ticket issued on the website?
Usually the air ticket is generated and delivered quickly enough. However, the formal delivery time is 24 hours, after which the client has not received a ticket, the client needs to contact our office by phone.

30. What should I do if there are other problems during the ordering process?
The universal way to resolve problems is to contact our specialists by phone numbers listed on the site.

31. What to do if you lose your ticket?
If the paper copy is lost, the client can print the ticket again. When destroying an email containing an electronic ticket, it is possible to send it again. The electronic ticket is protected from loss.

32. Is it possible to receive the purchased ticket upon arrival at the airport?
Yes, this is the convenience of an electronic ticket.

33. Currencies of which countries are accepted for payment?
Clients are given the opportunity to choose any currency from the list integrated into the company's website. Note: only charges the amount that the customer sees displayed as the final cost of the booking. Currency conversion is carried out at the rate of the issuing bank of the client's plastic card and any possible additional commission is charged by issuing banks, intermediary banks or payment systems not associated with AlexAvia.

34. How long does it take to withdraw money from a plastic card?
Withdrawal is made immediately after the completion of the last stage of the booking - payment for air tickets. The amount indicated as final will be shown on your account as deducted partly (ticket price) by the air carrier and partly (service fee) by AlexAvia.

35. How and where do you get an invoice?
In order to receive confirmation of payment by email in the form of an invoice (containing a tax signature), a special application must be made at the time of booking or after it. When paying for an order from the account of a legal entity, you must have a signed agreement, a sample of which you will find in the section «To corporative clients»

36. Which country's currency is displayed on the invoice for booking a ticket?
By default, all invoices, incl. the final amount payable is in rubles and euros. Details of the cost are indicated only in euros. The ruble version of the final invoice amount exactly matches the final ruble amount displayed on the website. The client has the opportunity to change some of the information displayed in the invoice (by sending a request by e-mail, or by indicating the relevant information in the application).

37. How is an e-ticket different from a regular ticket?
First of all, an e-ticket, or electronic ticket, is delivered to the customer who purchased it by e-mail, which simplifies the purchase process. All information about the purchase of a ticket and the right to travel is contained in the electronic database of the airline, which means that to confirm this right, only the relevant documents identifying the client are required, namely those with which this ticket was issued. To speed up the check-in procedure, it is recommended to print an electronic ticket.

38. Where is the ticket to be printed?
The e-ticket will be located in a letter that the client receives within 24 hours (maximum) after the confirmation of a successful booking is displayed on the computer screen. Attention: an e-mail containing information only about the fact of booking does not contain the purchased ticket.

39. What is the weight limit for allowed baggage?
The luggage included in the ticket price has weight and size restrictions. The weight of checked baggage is usually limited to 20 kilograms, while hand luggage, i.e. luggage that the client takes with him into the cabin, cannot weigh more than 5 kilograms. However, both allowable dimensions and weight may vary depending on the carrier or ticket class. In case of excess, the authorized person will calculate the cost of the additional payment. Check with your specific carrier to find out which baggage allowance applies to their flights.

40. When do I need to arrive at the airport to check in for a flight?
Check-in times vary depending on the number of flights served by the same counters and the number of passengers on each flight. Therefore, it is recommended to arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before departure, in the case of an international flight (3 hours for the longest flights), and one hour for flights within the country.

41. What are the documents required for air travel?
When flying within Russia, adult passengers with Russian citizenship will need to have a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation, and children without a passport - a birth certificate. If the flight is made to the airport of another state, it is necessary to confirm the right to cross the border: to have with you a foreign passport with visa stamps and entry permits corresponding to this state, as well as customs declarations and similar documents accompanying the border crossing. Children who are citizens of Russia can travel abroad with their own passport or be inscribed in their parents' passport. AlexAvia is not engaged in activities related to documents for foreign air travel. To obtain a passport, contact the passport office at the place of residence. Visas, if necessary, are issued by the consulates of the respective states. The client is fully responsible for providing the necessary documents for the flight. Before traveling, check the validity of your passports and visas.

42. What is the list of documents for children when traveling by air?
Prior to obtaining a Russian passport, children can travel by air using a birth certificate when the flight is within the Russian Federation. To travel abroad, you will need to issue a passport or add relevant information to the passport of one of the parents. The child's passport or information about the child in the parent's passport may not be enough when crossing the border to confirm the real relationship, even in the case of the same surname of the child and parent. For this reason, in order to avoid problems with the migration services, it is necessary to have a child's birth certificate and its certified copy with you. If children fly without parents, then the person accompanying the child will have to provide a certified consent of the child's parents to make such a trip.

43. What special rules govern the purchase of tickets in the US?
The North American Transportation Safety Authority developed a special package of regulations that was put into effect in the United States several years ago for both domestic and international flights. The main purpose of this package is to collect guaranteed information about a passenger in the country. Thus, when booking air tickets for flights, the route of which runs through the territory of the United States, the user of the electronic system for searching and booking air tickets will have to provide some additional information. The list of mandatory data, without which the passenger will be denied the purchase of an air ticket, looks like this:

  • surname and name of the passenger, as written in the passport,
  • date and year of birth,
  • gender,
  • in the event that a passenger has ever been prevented from making such a flight to the United States, it is necessary to provide the number of the corresponding decision on this refusal (the so-called Redress number).
The collection of information and verification of documents in the United States is carried out by the Department of Homeland Security, more information about the rules of travel in this country can be found on the corresponding official website Carefully check the data you provided when booking to avoid a ban on landing and air travel.

44. How to get a bonus points accumulation card and receive discounts provided for regular customers?
The most common way to provide discounts to passengers is loyalty cards with data on completed flights entered on them. The greater the travel mileage of the card holder, the greater the possible discount on the next trip. For a card and information about other discounts, please contact the airline directly.

45. How to find out how many points have been earned by a passenger holding a loyalty card?
The relevant airline provides data on the personal accounts of its customers.