Website Terms and Conditions

AlexAvia welcomes you to a website specially designed to make your travel arrangements easier.

The website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is a specialized tool that will help you find and book air tickets to all destinations in accordance with modern rules, get additional travel services, get the latest travel information.

The names "AlexAvia" and "Company" refer to the legal entity responsible for the operation of the Website, the name "Client" refers to the person using the Website directly or through communication with the Company's specialists by phone, email or other means of communication. This section contains the terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") under which the Website operates and which the Client using the Website undertakes to comply with.

Any kind of familiarization with the information provided on the Website means the full consent of the Client with these terms and conditions. In the interests of the Client, the Company recommends that the Client carefully read all the clauses of the set of rules and reminds that disagreement with any of them deprives the Client of the right to use the Website. The clauses of the Agreement may be partially or completely changed by the Company at any time without notifying the Client. The obligation to be aware of these changes lies entirely with the Client.

Using the Website

The Client is responsible for the compliance of their activities with the standards adopted by this Agreement:

  • Use of the Website is permitted only in accordance with this Agreement.
  • Use of the Website is permitted only to persons with sufficient capacity and legal capacity for the relevant types of contracts and transactions, in accordance with current legislation.
  • Use of the Website is permitted only to persons over 18 years of age.
  • Booking by the Client of the services presented on the Website is permitted only in relation to the Client himself or in relation to another natural person who authorized the Client, if such an operation is not prohibited by law. In the latter case, the Client undertakes to bring to the attention of the natural person who authorized him all regulatory information regarding the relevant booking.
  • When using the Website, the Client undertakes to provide AlexAvia with true and up-to-date information.

Violation of this Agreement by the Client may result in the deprivation of the Client of the right to use the Website. The Company also has the right, without giving reasons, to restrict access of any person to the resources of the Website.


The procedure for placing, paying and canceling an order on the website (services for searching for air tickets from leading airlines).

1. Finding flight optionsEnter the destination you are interested in, the number of people and travel dates and click on the “Find” button.

2. From the proposed options, choose the most convenient option Using navigation and filters, you can change the search results to suit your wishes.

3. Important! Carefully read the terms and conditions of the specific airline's offer:

  • cancellation and refund conditions in accordance with the proposed airline
  • fare conditions of baggage transportation and provision of additional services
  • payment terms (time during which your order will be reserved for you after confirmation from the airline)

4. Select one of the proposed options.
5. Enter contact details, passenger details and agree to the rules and conditions on the website
6. Click on the “Book” button.
7. If your booking is successful, you will receive a unique airline reservation number (PNR), which serves as confirmation of your order.
8. After confirming the reservation, you need to pay for the order before the time specified in the order by credit card online using the payment system link or by bank transfer You will also receive a payment link to the specified email address.
9. After successful payment within the specified time, within a few minutes you will receive an itinerary receipt with your air ticket number to the email address specified when placing the order.
10. Information about your order is also available in the “Manage your booking” section.
To receive information about your order, you must enter the airline's unique reservation number (PNR), as well as the passenger's last name.
Attention! If your order is not paid within the time specified in the order (time limit), your order will be automatically canceled.
There is no charge for order cancellation in this case.

Payment methods

Online payment by bank card Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Maestro cards accepted for payment Payment by bank transfer in euros and Czech crowns.

Cancellation and refund conditions

Cancellation and refund policies depend on the specific airline fare you selected when making your booking.
Please review these terms and conditions carefully when placing your order.

In accordance with the terms of service, airlines have several conditions for canceling your order and refunding your payment:

1. The air ticket is non-cancellable and non-refundable (non-refundable fare). This rate is usually cheaper than rates with the ability to make changes or cancel your reservation.
In all cases (cancellation of an order, being late for a flight, or if you did not use the purchased air tickets for other reasons), when choosing this fare, the amount paid is not refunded.
This rule also applies to all fares of low-cost airlines.
2. Changes or cancellations are possible at an additional cost.
3. Changes or cancellation of the order are possible in full and without additional payment

The cost of changes to the order is indicated in the rules of the selected tariff. In the event of a paid cancellation or change to your order, a refund (if applicable) will be issued within 3 business days of receipt of the refund amount in our account from the airline.
The refund amount depends on the terms of the relevant airline fare.
For all questions related to placing an order, please contact us by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or through the “Contacts” section.

Attention! Unpaid orders can be canceled at any time without any fees.

Prohibited Activities

All data accessed by the Client when using the Website is protected by law and cannot be freely distributed through copying, partial modification, storage on electronic media, publication or sale. Such data includes, among other things, prices for services and goods, information about the presence or absence of a service or product, any parts of the structure or content of the Website. Exceptions are cases specifically provided for on the Website (for example, the right to copy information about purchased goods and services).

In addition, the Client may not intentionally make a booking without the purpose of redemption (for example, to influence the market condition of the service), use electronic information collection programs within the Website, bypass explicit prohibitions on the use of robots (for example, reCAPTCHA), bypass any other restrictions explicitly expressed on the Website, perform operations that threaten the integrity of the Website, restrict the rights of the Website administrators or otherwise disrupt the functioning of the Website, copy inappropriate for the tasks of individual tourism (including inadequately large) sections of the Web -site, create web links to our Website or its subsections that provide the ability to book and purchase any services or other opportunities. The Client has no right to resell the services provided on the Website, as well as use any part of the content of the Website for commercial purposes. For possible exceptions to these rules, the Company provides for the written form of the relevant permissions.

Supplier rules and restrictions

For the benefit of the Client, AlexAvia recommends that the Client familiarize themselves with the following set of additional rules and restrictions that apply directly to the process of purchasing travel goods and services, as well as in other actions of the Client, the possibility of which is provided by the Website. The client undertakes to comply with all legally established standards of the service provider. The Client undertakes to pay for the purchased or booked goods or services in a timely manner and in accordance with the procedure provided by the selected service provider. Violation by the Client of any items from the regulatory body of the service provider may lead to the application of sanctions in the form of termination or restriction of the Client's access to the Website, withholding the amounts paid by the Client and imposing fines on the Client in order to compensate for the consequences of this violation, cancellation of the transaction (booking).

Declaration of responsibility

The features of the functioning of the Website do not allow the Company to guarantee the literal accuracy of each element of the information provided. The Company is not responsible for inaccuracies in data about the services provided by our partners and goods commercialized by suppliers (prices and availability of air tickets, photos and descriptions of hotels and cars, etc.). The accuracy of the hotel information provided on the Website cannot be guaranteed by the Company and is indicative only.

The Company is not responsible for errors in the information provided by service providers, as well as in other information provided on the Website. To eliminate such errors, AlexAvia has the right to make changes to incorrectly displayed information, incl. change prices for a booking made or made by the Client. The client has the right to cancel the reservation with a changed price without imposing any sanctions.

Changing the data on the services and products provided is the prerogative of AlexAvia and the relevant service and product providers. AlexAvia and the supplier companies are not responsible for the absence of any goods or services. AlexAvia and supplier companies do not provide guarantees and are not responsible for the incompleteness or incorrectness of information about goods and services, errors in electronic programs presented on the Website. The Company refrains from recommending any goods and services presented on the Website, dealing solely with the provision of information.AlexAvia and partner companies are not responsible in case of detection of viruses, spyware and similar malicious elements in the electronic content of the Website or its derivatives. AlexAvia and partner companies do not provide any guarantees to the Client in relation to products, services, electronic programs and related information, and also do not express an opinion on the quality and compliance of these services and goods with the wishes of the Client.

Companies providing services to the Client in the tourism field cooperate with AlexAvia on an independent basis. AlexAvia's staff consists exclusively of Internet technology professionals dedicated to providing information services. As such, AlexAvia personnel are not involved in commercial activities related to the tourism business. For any illegal actions/inactions of the partner companies, in the process of providing the service to the Client, resulting in any physical, moral or economic damage to the Client, the companies that provided the corresponding service are solely responsible. Thus, AlexAvia has nothing to do with the process of air transportation, and therefore does not refund money for air tickets in case of flight cancellations or delays.

The Client assumes full responsibility for all types of physical, moral or economic harm caused to him, both direct and indirect, as a result of familiarization with the data presented on the Website, including cases where employees of the Company or employees of partner companies assumed or could suggest a corresponding harmful outcome.The Client, among other things, assumes full responsibility for the selection of the Website and its sections, the critical evaluation of subjective or descriptive information, the use of programs or Internet traffic containing computer viruses, etc.

In any case, when the Company or its partners are recognized as liable for causing such harm to the Client, the amount of compensation cannot be formulated by the Client. Also, this amount cannot exceed, on the one hand, the amount of the Company's fees paid by the Client in the process of ordering the service, and on the other hand, a fixed amount of 100 (one hundred) US dollars or its equivalent.

The declaration of responsibility and, in general, the terms and conditions of use of the Website allow the Client to assess the risks when booking travel services. The interpretation of the division of liability of the parties is always undertaken with the priority of the Company and its branches and independent partners, including in cases where these terms and conditions do not contain specific rules that allow their direct application to the relevant case.


The Client undertakes the obligation to pay monetary compensation to AlexAvia staff members, as well as employees of partner companies, in case of claims of third parties resulting from the violation by the Client of this Agreement, the current legislation of any country, or as a result of using the Website. In these cases, the Client is also obliged to testify in favor of the above-mentioned employees.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

The relationship between the Company and the Client is governed by the laws and regulations of the laws of the Czech Republic. In the event of claims against the activities carried out by the Company, the Client has the right not only to protect his interests in the court of the Czech Republic, but also to out-of-court proceedings in the relevant structures of the Czech Republic, including those where the proceedings are conducted remotely, which allows you to quickly regulate and normalize the Internet market, taking into account the convenience of Internet sellers, Internet buyers and intermediaries.

Available on the Website

The Client is informed that the Company and partners cooperating with the Company have the exclusive ownership of programs, applications and other electronic products available for download on the Website. Not only the electronic product as a whole, but also all elements of the software, such as HTML codes and Active X controls, as well as similar ones, are protected by international copyright. Violation of this right implies civil procedural and criminal procedural measures corresponding to the violation, as well as judicial sanctions against the violator (for example, in the case of using all or part of the electronic product for purposes not provided for by the user agreement). The user of an electronic product downloaded from the Website has no right to use this product outside the server section corresponding to the Website and is fully responsible for violation of this provision.

Copyright and other rights of the Company and partners are listed in special agreements integrated into the relevant electronic products and regulating the relationship between the consumer and the manufacturer of a particular product. The fact of using the product by itself necessarily confirms the agreement of the Client with the terms of the agreement corresponding to the product used. In the absence of an appropriate integrated agreement in any of the electronic products, the Client-User becomes the owner of an individual right to use it. This right is strictly limited to the task of accessing information and conducting transactions on the Company's Website, i.e. relevant private goals of the Client within the scope of the Website. The user has the right to use the product only under the relevant consumer agreement or license.

Copyright and Trademarks

The website as a whole and all its elements are protected by international copyright:

© 2023 All rights reserved.

The Company is not responsible for the incorrect use of the Website content by legal entities other than the Company. The Website contains company names and other elements protected by copyright and owned by partners of the Company or other subjects of law.


The website is operated by company Eurocommunication Prague s.r.o.. All rules and conditions formulated in this Agreement comply with the legislation complied with the laws of the Czech Republic. All claims of the Client in relation to the Website and the Company fall under this jurisdiction and must be directed to the appropriate judicial authorities of the city of Prague (CZ). Failure to comply with this condition, as well as all other conditions listed in the Agreement, makes such claims invalid. The Agreement is valid as a whole and as a sum of separate rules governing the relationship between AlexAvia and the client. The loss or limitation of the legal force of one or some clauses of this Agreement does not apply to other clauses. Any clause of the Agreement and the Agreement as a whole have the highest regulatory force among the documents and obligations arising between the Client and the Company in connection with the activities of the Website. No oral or written agreements between the Client and the Company shall cancel the effect of the rules provided for in this Agreement. Upon presentation of a legal claim by the Client, this Agreement, as well as any other information about the contractual relationship between the Client and the Company, must be submitted to the court of the appropriate instance, among other documents constituting the essence of the case.

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