AlexAvia privacy policy

From the very beginning of our Internet activities, our company places special emphasis on the security of the booking process. Information that you transmit through our website may be of interest to Internet scammers (personal data, credit card numbers, etc.). AlexAvia chooses the best methods available to store the information you provide. By accessing and using our site for your own purposes, you signify your acceptance of our privacy policy, so we strongly advise you to familiarize yourself with the measures taken by our company to achieve this goal.


  • What information do we collect
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What information do we collect


The data that the user transmits when registering, booking or purchasing goods and services on the website passes through the server of AlexAvia and is stored on it. Information about the user's full name, home and mobile phone numbers, postal address and email account - all this is basic information, without which it is impossible to carry out most operations on our site. Reservation and purchase of air tickets, as well as other goods and services, is carried out mainly with the help of bank cards, information about which, in turn, is stored on our server. In cases where the user provides additional information, such as transportation and dietary preferences, price interests and restrictions, the server automatically saves this information as well, thereby ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the site user's future bookings. Additional information is optional and its provision depends solely on the choice of the user, while saving basic information is necessary for creating an account, booking, being included in the lists of users interested in special offers, as well as for communicating with our specialists.

Passengers' Data

For the convenience of making a booking, the data on the transactions made by the user forms his passenger profile, with each new purchase the system gets to know the user better and offers the most suitable service options for him.

Automatic collection of information

Our site has an integrated system of statistical collection of information about users, which allows you to anonymously analyze the composition of visitors based on data on types of equipment and software, IP addresses and information entered by users. The history of visitors' stay on the site is also registered and systematized automatically. The collected information allows us to improve the services of the site and best adapt them to the individual preferences of each client.

Cookies and other technical information

The comfort of site visitors is also ensured by the system of cookies that are transferred to the user's computer as a result of visiting certain pages of the site. The electronic information contained in them is encrypted to prevent it from falling into the hands of intruders. These files allow a better and faster display of the site on the user's screen, a faster response of the site to the visitor's search queries, as well as the identification of a visitor who has already visited the site before and has formed his individual profile. All modern browsers allow users, if they wish, to refuse the transfer of cookies to their computers, which, however, can make it critically difficult to get acquainted with the information, conduct transactions and other operations presented by our site.

How we use the information you provide

All types of information provided by the user of the site are used solely to improve the quality of the offered tourist products and optimize the process of providing services, i.e. in the interests of the user. Finalizing the process of purchasing airline tickets and other goods and services by the user requires the use of bank card data. For payment through the site, the type, number and code of the card provided by the user, the name of the owner and information about the expiration of the validity period are used. Other types of information collected by an automated system or by our employees in direct communication with the client are used to develop an individual offer strategy (services and goods that may potentially interest the user, information about special offers), feedback (answers to user questions), response to user requests.

With whom we share your information

The user's personal data is protected by law, but may be transferred to third parties with the consent of the user or while maintaining anonymity. The list of third parties entitled to receive such information is limited to three points:
  • These are, first of all, our partners, whose services are presented on the site. In most cases, the personal information shared with service providers is extremely limited and necessary to complete the transaction. So, for example, in order to book an air ticket, it is necessary to tell the airline that provides air services the name and document number of the passenger. The user's contact information (email, phone number) can be transferred to the service provider in the event that there is a possibility of changing the form of the service and the resulting need to notify the user about this change (for example, changing the departure time).
  • Another category includes our representative offices abroad. This allows you to expand the range of services provided to the user of the site, while guaranteeing compliance with all privacy standards formulated by AlexAvia.
  • Also, some statistical information (for example, the tourist preferences of the site's customers) may be transferred to various commercial and research organizations, however, in this case, the requirement of complete anonymity makes it possible to ensure that no personal information about the user of the site will be available to these organizations. On the other hand, such information helps to improve the quality of services provided.

Data protection

We pay special attention to ensuring the security of personal information about the site user. AlexAvia guarantees its customers respect for their personal data transmitted through the site.Modern systems for encoding and protecting information integrated into the electronic environment of the site do not allow attackers to access user data, as well as any person who does not have special permission for such actions. In particular, when visiting our site, information is exchanged in an encrypted form, Firewall filters are used, as well as anti-spyware and similar programs that allow timely detection and repelling of intruder attacks.


Booking and purchasing air tickets and other goods and services through the company's website by minors is prohibited. If any personal information is transmitted through the site by a minor visitor, he will be informed (using this data) about the company's policy and asked to conduct transactions through legal adult representatives.

Other sites

The set of rules published here as a whole, as well as its parts, applies exclusively to the site

Contact us

The specialists of our security service are authorized to resolve all questions and difficulties of the user related to this topic.
To contact them, use the phones:

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